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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah


Capucine and Diva at a 6th-century temple on the outskirts of town.

The day after Pondicherry, fifteen or so of us piled into a rickety old bus headed for Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram), an excursion Tobias had very kindly organized. It was darn hot, so we took a stroll through the surf and ended up at a beachside restaurant for cool drinks before visiting the Shore Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site dating to the early 8th century. (It’s itty bitty in the beach photo below.)


A few shots of the Shore Temple:



Catherine and Tobias.

Later on we visited the other thing Mamallapuram is known for, a series of ‘caves’–rock cut temples, with intricate bas reliefs–inside a public park. They were carved mostly in the 7th and 8th centuries.


And of course, some of us had to go and feed the monkeys:



These elephants are probably the most photographed thing in Mamallapuram. They are awesome.

Then we went back to a friend’s house for a snack before the bumpy two (or was it three?)-hour ride back to Sadhana Forest. I’ve got one more batch of photos to share from Sadhana, so I’ll post that next.

2 Comments to Mamallapuram

  1. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    June 7, 2011 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    Those carvings are beautiful! So intricate! I just can’t even imagine how long they must have taken.

  2. June 24, 2011 at 2:21 am | Permalink

    Beautiful snaps..I been to Shore Temple..very nice monument to see..The sculptures are very unique and beautiful and still maintained well..

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