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Romping elephants

There’s a donations/lost-and-found closet at Sadhana Forest where you can often find some really cool free clothing. Someone got rid of these awesome elephant pajama bottoms just because of a rip in the seam. So easy to fix!


Elephants are my new obsession, although I don’t yet have as much proof of it as I do my owls.

Lakshmi, the temple elephant at Hampi, out for her morning constitutional/bath.

(More proof here and here.)


P1030966This fabric is really cool, but the pants were enormous. So I decided to make good friends with my seam ripper, and turn them into a romper using a pattern mash-up: the tried-and-true Mendocino sundress crossed with the McCall’s pattern I used for my mermaid pajama bottoms. (Jill Draper was wearing an adorable strapless romper on our first night at Squam and I thought, I really need to make one of those! Perfect for bumming around the house.)

I tried on one of my sundresses by pulling it up over my hips just to be sure I could get away with not using a zipper or some other form of closure.

(Olivia wandered in while I was at my sewing machine, and wanted to try on the pants.)

There are several sun-faded patches, but there was nothing I could do about that. The bodice is made up of four pieces from the lower legs. If I could sew it over again I’d make the legs longer, but oh well. I didn’t reinstate the pockets (too much poochiness around the hips? and anyway, I’m lazy.) I fretted a bit over how best to join the two pieces, but it wasn’t a big deal–I gathered the waist with a stray length of elastic thread, turned one piece inside the other with right sides facing, and stitched away.

And I just used the drawstring for the straps! So easy!

I always wonder how bloggers like Mena at The Sew Weekly can make a dress for a couple of dollars. Basically I need to start cruising some estate sales and flea markets! But I had thread to match and elastic thread left over from the sundresses, so this project was ALMOST free–I did run out of elastic toward the end, and had to buy one more spool. So total cost = $1.79 plus tax.




Weird angle, but you can see how I got the elephants lined up on the front center seam, woo hoo!

(Thanks for the pics, Snook!)

3 Comments to Romping elephants

  1. dee's Gravatar dee
    August 4, 2011 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    So cute! You are an amazing seamstress. Elephants are great, saw one in Berlin Zoo throwing Rocks at a door in order to get the zookeeper to give him fresh water…

  2. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    August 4, 2011 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    It’s awesome that you were able to turn an old pair of men’s pajama bottoms into a very fashionable outfit! Although, I do think it looks better on Olivia 😛

  3. August 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Elephants are REALLY SMART! Every time I saw one in India I got the feeling it was only patiently tolerating its trainer…

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