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Dinner at Mohamet’s

Jill eats meat and Kate does not, hence the goofy poses.

During Ramadan, practicing Muslims don’t eat until after sundown. We think this must be part of why it was so hard to find places to eat when we were staying in smaller towns (like Eskişehir and Afyon). It wasn’t even a vegetarian thing–Jill was as frustrated as we were.

But in Eskişehir (ess-keh-she-HEER) we stumbled upon this marvelous little hole in the wall where the owner, Mohamet, and his wife Esme were very friendly and accommodating and loaded us up with eggplant dip and roasted vegetables and salad and the best kind of bread and some majorly tasty salsa. Esme (who was finally sitting down to her own dinner) kept telling us their son was working at a hotel in “Finlandia,” and we eventually realized she meant Florida.

This meal was awesome for another reason. We stuffed ourselves until we couldn’t eat any more (and that hardly ever happened elsewhere–we often left the table feeling like we could keep eating), and the bill came to 15 Turkish lira. That’s three dollars a person. We felt downright guilty for paying so little, especially when the meal was so satisfying.

Next up: photos from our travels in the Phrygian Valley.

1 Comment to Dinner at Mohamet’s

  1. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    October 14, 2011 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Afiyet olsun! Mmmm I could go for some of that food 🙂

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