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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Main Street Vegan Academy, part 4

Sometimes you find good advice where you least expect it (in this case, the ladies’ restroom at South Station.)

Saturday morning I took the bus down to New York for a Main Street Vegan Academy reunion dinner at the marvelous Peacefood Café (at Union Square). It was so lovely to reconnect with my classmates and meet a few new friends from the earlier sessions (one of whom, J.L., has a brand-new book out called Vegan For Her!)

I’ve gotten to the point that when I’m in a totally vegan-friendly place like New York, a Chipotle burrito isn’t going to cut it when I could patronize a cruelty-free business instead. I hadn’t looked up a vegan option near the bus stop beforehand, but I decided I would find one without having to try too hard (I think most of you know I don’t own a smartphone).

And what do you know? A block and a half north of the Megabus stop (7th Avenue at 29th Street), there is a Loving Hut.


The girl behind the counter actually remembered my name, and used it each time she asked if I needed anything and if I was enjoying my food. A seitan sandwich with chipotle mayo and a side salad with carrot ginger dressing were so satisfying after a four-hour bus ride!

More deliciousness at Peacefood that evening: gingerade, chickpea fries, and a Daiya cheeseburger with sprouts and plenty of pickle and mustard on focaccia.

peacefood dinner
Part of the Main Street Vegan crew. Oh how I adore these people!!!

Afterward we went to Chloe’s for some fruity soft serve. Tali always orders the large.


For brunch the next day I went to Sacred Chow (on Sullivan between West 3rd and Bleecker), which Tali had recommended. Stellar service–I love it when waitstaff don’t try to make me feel weird for eating solo and taking up a whole table–and the fresh market greens salad hit the spot (after two faux meat sandwiches the day before, I was really hankering for some roughage).

This was my first experience of jicama (that’s the white bits), and I wasn’t thrilled with it—it doesn’t seem to have a taste at all!—but the raw cashew kefir dressing and “almond and sunflower nutmeats” were really delicious.

Much more to say about my night in New York, but I’ll save it for later this week.

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