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Vegan Britain, part 3

(Vegan Britain, part 2.)

It was lunchtime when I got off the train at Waverley, so my first stop in Edinburgh had to be the Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street. I got quinoa and beet salad on a small spud, and (as expected) it was HUGE. Still the best-value meal in town.







This is the only vegan boxed sandwich I found in ALL OF GREAT BRITAIN. (Don’t you like how I made it sound as if I’ve traipsed all over, looking high and low?) But I bet hummus sandwiches-to-go will become much more popular in the future. Good on the National Library of Scotland for offering them—and their soups are usually vegan-friendly too; they’re always vegetarian at least.




Kate M. and I had seen each other for dinner in Galway a couple weeks before, but we caught up again over a lovely lunch at Henderson’s. I got the veggie haggis (superb!) with the most amazing side salad (arugula, butternut squash, marinated tofu, pumpkin seeds, and I forget what else).




Apart from Henderson’s, David Bann is probably the best known vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh; I’ve only been there once (with Seanan when he came up for a few days after Hawthornden), and I don’t remember either of us being very wowed. It was good, not great—though I do remember the big juicy green olives we ordered for an appetizer. Those were perfect. At any rate, I’ll probably just keep returning to Henderson’s on future trips to my favorite city.




One rainy evening I walked down to the Forest Café and ordered a hummus plate, with a slab of rich and simple chocolate cake for dessert.




Lunch at Meadowlark Number 39. The menu wasn’t as extensive as I was hoping, but the tomato-rice soup was simple and hearty and the green (er, brown?) smoothie struck the perfect balance—healthy, definitely, but still sweet enough to taste good.




Nice to see healthier snack options at the Edinburgh airport—I bought dried pineapple and a vegan energy bar with my leftover pound coins.


Next time: all the meals in Ireland I haven’t yet blogged about!

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  1. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    June 4, 2014 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    That looks like the best baked potato ever!

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