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Adventures in Screenprinting


Here is a reason why “palimpsest” is one of my very favorite words. (Krista’s much-used fiberboard base for screenprinting.)


Back in July I took a two-part screenprinting course at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Krista Siana of Bias Design was our teacher, and I can’t recommend the class highly enough. Krista is really fun and relaxed and presents all the necessary techniques in a totally manageable way.





The first week we cut our designs out of clear-lay with an Exacto knife.



Henry’s first t-shirt, using the same stencil with three different colors.



Nicole’s awesome dimensional pineapple.




In the second class we used a more time-intensive but versatile technique: you trace your image directly onto the screen, then fill it in with blue drawing fluid. (This is where the ink eventually goes.) Then you apply a brick-colored screen filler, let it dry, and rinse it so the drawing fluid dissolves. Then you’re ready to print, and can use this same stencil for a hundred printings if you like. Here are some step-by-step pics:




(The death’s head I used is from the King’s Chapel Burial Ground.)












I love the look on Nicole’s face!



I got lots of compliments at Squam!



Needless to say, I am hooked on screenprinting. Now I just have to take advantage of some Dick Blick coupons so I can gather all the necessary supplies to keep printing at home. In addition to screenprinting sessions in October and November, Krista is offering a Japanese woodcut printing class that I would totally sign up for if I weren’t going to be out of the country!


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  1. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    September 25, 2014 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

    What awesome designs! So creative!

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