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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

36 Hours in the Emerald City, part 1

Last week I visited Seattle for the first time, and I am IN LOVE.

I was there for a YA group event at the University Bookstore with Stephanie Kuehn and Martha Brockenbrough, two authors who are every bit as smart and insightful as their novels. Stephanie and I have the same editor, and Martha and I got our virtual introduction through Mackenzi, but this event happened because Nova had a dream she did an event with a bunch of author friends (!):


A selfie with Martha to make Mackenzi jealous. Love the love and death pins! I couldn’t pick a side.

…And Caitlin at the UW bookstore replied with “we can make that happen.” Oh, the magic of Twitter! Sadly, Nova couldn’t join us, but she was definitely there in spirit. I mentioned her name and everyone went all smiley and giddy. (Nova is so humble that she has no idea how much of a rockstar she really is in the YA world!) I also got to meet Alias Anna from Peace, Love, Teen Fiction, who has been wonderfully excited for and supportive of Bones & All even before the ARCs came out!

I’ll blog a couple more pics from the event next week, but for now here are the obligatory photos of what I ate and where I ate it, haha. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Plum Bistro, which seems like the city’s most highly regarded vegan restaurant, but it will be my first port of call on trip #2.




I absolutely loved the Wayward Vegan Café, a 15-minute walk from where I was staying near Green Lake. You know you’re in food heaven when the waitress brings your plate and asks “Would you like some nutritional yeast?” the way any other server would offer you parmesan. I got a “nutlet,” which was served more like a Sloppy Joe (except with the best mushroom gravy EVER), and steamed kale with garlic and sesame seeds. Yum yum yum.




Down in the University district the next day, after a morning at Zoka soaking up the famous Seattle coffee culture with the one vegan item at the bakery counter (a raspberry oat tart thingy, and fortunately it was tasty), I went to Chaco Canyon for lunch: a raw salad with kelp noodles and sesame ginger dressing and a house juice (carrot, apple, ginger, orange). Standard hippie-crunchy menu and atmosphere, but then again, that is kinda my thing!




(Would that it were “standard.” But ah, someday it will be…)




I also managed to get to my first-ever all-vegan grocery, Vegan Haven, which supports a local pig rescue.




How psyched was I to see Miyoko’s Creamery products? (Not to mention that there is a whole refrigerator case stocked with various brands of vegan cheese??) I’ll be blogging about my kitchen adventures with Artisan Vegan Cheese in the next month or so, by the way.



Vegan grocery store = discovering loads of cool products you’ve never seen at your regular grocery store! These “power wraps” were really tasty, packed with protein, and surprisingly filling.


Next time: the Chihuly Exhibition and geeking out over all the adorable little Craftsman houses!


2 Comments to 36 Hours in the Emerald City, part 1

  1. Kathleen's Gravatar Kathleen
    June 18, 2015 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    So glad that you loved Seattle – it is one of my favorite cities! Next time, you should let Mike know that you’re coming out!

  2. Kate's Gravatar Kate
    June 19, 2015 at 4:41 pm | Permalink

    Sounds lovely! It’s crazy that I’ve never been there. Between the lush greenery and the vegan delights, it looks wonderful!

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