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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Tag Archives: germany

Adventures in Berlin: Where to Eat

I didn’t have any trouble eating out in Germany as a vegetarian–even the restaurants in Wernigerode had surprisingly good veggie […]

Adventures in Berlin: the Kunsthaus Tacheles

Guess what–I’m going back to Germany next week! Just for a week this time, to Bavaria, and I am really […]

Adventures in Berlin: Kunsthaus Tacheles, part 1

It’s a ruin. It’s a squat. It’s a studio. It’s a gallery. It’s a playground. It’s a café/bar. It’s a […]

Adventures in Berlin: good times at the beer tent

I forgot to include this little video Kelly took in my Fat Tire entry the other day. It was so […]

Adventures in Berlin: the Holocaust Memorial

Kelly and I visited the Memorial to the Murdered European Jews two times, on our own and then the following […]

Adventures in Berlin: Fat Tire (and Happy Birthday to Me!)

Right: the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Seanan beat me to Berlin by a couple of months, so […]

Adventures in Berlin: The East Side Gallery

More information on the East Side Gallery on Wikipedia.

Adventures in Germany: Quedlinburg

After three nights in Wernigerode, Kelly and I made an afternoon stop at Quedlinburg on our way back to Berlin. […]

Adventures in Germany: the Brocken

(Woohoo! We have wireless!) The day after we visited the Schloss, we took the Harz narrow-gauge railway up to the […]

Adventures in Germany: Wernigerode

(Okay, maybe not an entry every day. No internet at home for another week or so.) Soon after Kelly arrived […]

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