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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Tag Archives: india

Hinduism FAQ

As promised, here’s the first in my series on Hinduism. I absolutely loved the class I audited at Tufts this […]

Ajanta & Ellora

I never did finish blogging about India! My last stop (after Hampi and Hyderabad to see Golconda) was Aurangabad, the […]


The view over the entryway from the ramparts at Golconda. There are only a few more stops on my India […]

Romping elephants

There’s a donations/lost-and-found closet at Sadhana Forest where you can often find some really cool free clothing. Someone got rid […]


After flipping through my new friend Chris’s (from Sadhana Forest) Hampi photos, I was really psyched to go there myself. […]

Twelve Hours in Bangalore

10 May. At a shrine to Hanuman (the monkey-god) in the Bull Temple complex a priest and his boy assistant […]

Vegan rice pudding

Cardamom growing on one of the spice plantations in Munnar. Remember that article about preserving family recipes my friend Cheryl […]


Detail from one of the gopurams (monumental towers) at the Meenakshi-Sundareswarar temple. Thanks to layovers, I got to see much […]

Munnar, part 2

(Munnar, part 1.) Photos from the plantation trek, continued: We passed several groups of plantation workers, some on their lunch […]


At Sadhana, on the taxi ride to dinner one night, I overheard Diva telling someone that a certain place was […]

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