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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Tag Archives: knitting

A Forest on My Shoulders

Oh, hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about a craft project, so I do have a bit […]

Georgina, Reprised

  Behold, the most flattering garment I have ever knit! I never blogged my first version of the Georgina cardigan (knit […]

Guardian Angels and Other Projects

  I’ve been meaning to blog about the long-sleeved tee I screenprinted for my mother for Christmas. One of my […]

Further Adventures in Wartime Knitting

(Previous entries: Knitted Garments for All, Knitting for Little Men, Knitting Patterns from 1939, the Victory Jumper.)   On the […]

Why Knit Vegan?

My Empire of the Sun cardigan, made of a hemp-cotton-modal blend.   While I was at Hawthornden last year I […]

Empire of the Sun

  The best part of being a knitter is loving something you made so much you never want to take […]

The gift that keeps on giving

  Lately I’ve been giving knitting lessons to the ESL students here. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is […]

Where We Make: Bonnie Sennott

[Bonnie Sennott is an artist and knitwear designer living in Amherst, Massachusetts. She blogs about her creative work at Blue Peninsula. You […]

My New Favorite Sweater, part 1

When it comes to knitting patterns, my eyes are faster than my needles. I buy a pattern thinking I’ll cast […]

Making in Tandem

Making your own hours is one of the best things about writing for a living. I can work on the novel […]

Hi! I'm Camille. I only write stories that could never ever happen in real life, though I do believe in real-life magic. If we were in the same room I'd fix you a cup of tea, but for now we'll have to settle for a virtual connection. I'm really glad you're here.