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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

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Vegan Britain, part 3

(Vegan Britain, part 2.) It was lunchtime when I got off the train at Waverley, so my first stop in […]

Vegan Britain, part 2

  After lunch with Hana, I met Seanan at Kings Cross and we took the train to Brighton for a […]

Vegan Britain 2014

  From Cork I flew to London for four perfect days with Seanan. Deirdre happened to be passing through from […]


The city Christmas carnival is beside the Walter Scott monument. I loved Edinburgh. I loved the spooky old alleyways and […]


After London I spent a night in York (yes, “Old York”) en route to Edinburgh. It was just as atmospheric […]

the Cotswolds, part 3

(Part 1; part 2.) I took this video somewhere between Snowshill and Stanton. Those strange undulations in the field are […]

Further Adventures in London

St. Bart’s. Did I keep busy in London! I went Christmas shopping at Liberty’s with Amy (thanks to Maggie’s introduction), met […]

the Cotswolds, part 2

(The Cotswolds, part 1.) We stayed in Stanton, which just might be the poshest village of the Cotswolds; it’s very […]

the Cotswolds, part 1

More soon.

We pray for those we have loved, and see no more.

While I was in Rye I entered St. Mary’s Church during the daily service, and decided to sit down in […]

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