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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Tag Archives: vermont

Further Adventures in Wartime Knitting

(Previous entries: Knitted Garments for All, Knitting for Little Men, Knitting Patterns from 1939, the Victory Jumper.)   On the […]

Leaf peeping in Vermont

  I went camping with a friend at Button Bay over Columbus weekend, and we passed the most gorgeous day […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #12

A piece of an old syrup bottle I found when I was digging in the garden. Gail with her pups […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #11

Above: the view from my tent, 6am; nasturtiums from the garden. Below: SALAMANDER!; Shannon spending some QT with Queenie; Michael, […]


You know when you really like something, and then it turns out everybody else on the planet likes it too, […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #10

The view from my tent. I had such an awesome time in Vermont this summer that I just had to […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #9

On my last day in Vermont, Paul and Niki and I met Michael (otherwise known as ‘the boy with the […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #8

Nick and Niki with Lilypads. The polebeans really took off once we got the teepees set up. Cattle crossing at […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #7

This isn’t going to be a useful post or anything–just some photos of us all having too much fun. Paul […]

Harmony Homestead Dispatch #6

Well, I’m back in New Jersey for a few more days until we leave for Peru, and I’m missing Harmony […]

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