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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Experiments in incandescent living

Imagine you are a white-hot tangle of ice, dust, rock and gases, and as you hurtle across the night sky the rest of us are celebrating your transit with champagne and gourmet lollipops. The universe is vast, but we are only as small as we believe ourselves to be; and if we lived each moment in that same spirit of humble awe with which we now and again gaze at the stars, the world would be an infinitely happier place.

I blog about books and writing on Mondays, travel and spirituality on Tuesdays, and art, knitting and sewing on Thursdays, but above all I want to use this space to explore the magical connection between veganism and creativity (so the juiciest posts go up on Wednesdays!) On this site you’ll also find Where We Make, a Friday feature on artists’ workspaces.

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Women of Every Species

Last week Book Riot included Bones & All on a feminist YA round-up. Awesome, right?

…And also very disappointing.

I also tweeted this:

I wound up getting into a bit of a Twitter argument with the author of the piece. The subtext of her tweets was, of course, HOW DARE YOU CALL ME ANTI-FEMINIST?

Here’s why: because when you consume a dairy product, you are stealing another mother’s milk. It belongs to her babies. You want to call yourself a feminist-for-humans-only? Yeah, you could do that. But it doesn’t sit well, does it? Someday—maybe not someday soon, but someday—our society will recognize this theft, exploitation, and murder for what it is. How could I possibly “agree to disagree” on this?

I will write more soon about the underlying dynamic of this type of debate, because if we’re not careful it can echo the original problem. We have to other-ize the animals in order to eat them, and I’m not helping if I’m other-izing the people doing the other-izing. I have to remember that we’re all the same—ALL of us—not just the animals and those who truly sympathize with them.

I hope that makes sense, and if not, I shall elaborate anon. For now, just remember that I’m not judging you. I ate dairy products for the first thirty years of my life.




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Hi! I'm Camille. I only write stories that could never ever happen in real life, though I do believe in real-life magic. If we were in the same room I'd fix you a cup of tea, but for now we'll have to settle for a virtual connection. I'm really glad you're here.
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