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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Immaculate Heart: A Novel

ImmaculateHeart_CoverAvailable now from St. Martin’s Press

Ballymorris is a pass-on-through sort of place, even for those residents who’ve only ever talked about leaving. But when a young American journalist pulls into town for his uncle’s funeral, he finds plenty to spark his curiosity. The American played with three girls on a Sligo beach one perfect summer day twenty-five years ago, and something profound and incredible happened to those girls only a few years later. They saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, a series of visions lasting for months—but not all of them consider it a blessing.

There’s Tess, a nun trying to live as selfless a life as possible as penance for sins committed as a teenager; Orla, a frustrated wife and mother trying her hardest to forget the “miracle” ever happened; and Orla’s sister Síle, a beautiful and charismatic artist who lives in a room by the sea with bars on every window.

Captivated by the local gossip, the American begins to insinuate himself back into their lives. Can he get to the truth of what really happened in that grotto all those years ago—or will his own dark secrets derail him entirely?

Drawing upon the supernatural essence of the Catholic religion and Ireland’s special flair for storytelling, Immaculate Heart is a haunting meditation on how and why we deceive ourselves.


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The book launch happened Friday, March 25, 2016 (Annunciation Day AND Good Friday, no kidding!) at my local indie, Porter Square Books (a.k.a. THE BEST BOOKSTORE IN THE BOSTON AREA).


Launching @cometparty’s Immaculate Heart.

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Porter Square Books (my local independent bookstore; order here and I’ll sign your copy!)
Barnes & Noble


Praise for Immaculate Heart

“Camille DeAngelis’s Immaculate Heart gets under your skin so subtly, I’m left to marvel at the affect. The Rashomon-esque treatment of an investigation into a twenty-year-old sighting of the Virgin Mary in rural Ireland by a group of teens is as wonderfully dark and mysterious as it is intelligent. And maybe best of all, Immaculate Heart is compulsively readable.”
Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

“A beautifully disturbing look into the nature of truth, sin, and the pursuit of redemption. Immaculate Heart is engrossing, thought-provoking, and deliciously dark.”
Erika Swyler, author of The Book of Speculation

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I wrote this novel at the Writers’ Room of Boston at the beginning of 2014. Read more about the WROB here.

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