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"Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright." - Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creative People

Life Without Envy_COMP_43Available now from St. Martin’s Griffin

This little book is a game-changer for any artist in any field: a practical guide to dealing with feelings of jealousy, frustration, and inadequacy to create a happy life regardless of how your career is (or isn’t) going.

Life Without Envy will help you redirect your misconceptions about the creative life and tune out the negative feedback loop you’ve been stuck in, allowing you to reprogram your brain and heart for a more contented and productive way of being. Life Without Envy offers advice on

  • using the models of the great spiritual traditions to resolve your hunger for recognition
  • shifting your mindset from “proving yourself” to making a contribution
  • evolving out of the “starving artist” mentality that keeps many people creating from a place of lack
  • rebuilding your self image for joy and wholeness regardless of external circumstances
  • practicing self compassion and self care
  • taking more pleasure out of your creative practice

Camille draws on her own experiences to show readers how to recognize the ways in which our egos hobble our creative efforts, offering strategies for taming these inner gremlins so we can flourish not just as artists, but as colleagues, friends, and humans. Life Without Envy offers a blueprint for real and lasting contentment no matter what frustration you’re weathering in your creative life.

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Praise for Life Without Envy

“A self-help book that’s actually helpful, Life Without Envy is a brilliantly frank but practical guide for navigating all the feels that go along with being a creative in a competitive and occasionally thankless world. It didn’t just teach me how to keep my ego in check, but also how to be content with where I’m at in my creative journey. This book seriously changed my outlook on things and I’m forever grateful for that.”
— Dianca London, Lenny Letter

“Life Without Envy is delightful simply because it is practical. DeAngelis isn’t peddling a philosophy, but she has boiled down some salient points. It’s talk therapy in book form. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, DeAngelis describes the ‘misapprehensions’ of ego that serve as artistic roadblocks and offers anecdotal advice on how to circumvent them. It’s thoughtful and thorough.”
— Kristin McGonigle, Philly Voice

“DeAngelis does a terrific job of describing the ego and hits home with her wisdom on how to tame it.”
— Library Journal

“Camille could have titled this book ‘Life with Sanity.’ Indispensable for anyone who’s ever obsessed about the achievements of other people (I’ve never personally experienced this but I’ve been told it happens). Read it and choose happiness.”
Dylan Kidd, director of Roger Dodger and P.S.

“Every artist needs this book. Camille has created a gem of funny, friendly and DEEPLY insightful advice. I wish I’d read it years ago.”
Kerry Lemon, author of Fearless Drawing

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I wrote this book at the Writers’ Room of Boston at the beginning of 2015. Read more about the WROB here.

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